Wine and Cheese Tasting Nights

The popular Wine and Cheese Tasting Event Nights are back. and back with a gusto. The first one commences on Tuesday, February 6 with Event nights scheduled monthly for the rest of the year. A secret that I can divulge is one event will be Champagne and Caviar Night. The phrase, ‘Shut-up and take my money’, comes to mind for that night!

Careful planning is going into each night, so that it offers so much more than having a few crackers with cheese and a glass of wine or two. Guests will be served an entree and a dessert that hero cheese. These dishes have been especially crafted for each night.

There will be delicious cheeses paired with quality wines. The night is designed to be informative so you will be equipped to share these lovely cheeses and wines with friends and family in your in-home entertaining. You can share the delight you have experienced with those you love to entertain.

The Nights will be hosted by our in-store wine and cheese experts, Mike and Tom. They are popular staff with customers and colleagues and if you don’t already know them, I am sure by the end of the night you will value them as new found friends.

To see the Wine and Cheese Tasting dates and for further details, please view the Events Calendar. You are welcome to buy tickets in-store for any night. Numbers are limited to 32 people per night. Tickets are $85 each. The price for the Champagne and Caviar Night is to be advised.