Try something different – a real cheese cake from the Deli

If you love cheese more than fruit cake, and if you’d like to make a visual statement with your cheese course, you’ve come to the right place. Decorate a cheese celebration cake well and it’ll be stunning, the centre of attention.

The cake is made by stacking delicious cheese wheels of different sizes, colours and textures to make a tiered cake. It can then be decorated with flowers or fruit, or both.

Selecting cheese wheels that make your cake not only look good but taste sensational is they key to making a great cheese cake and no-one is more experienced that the experts at New Farm Deli. We know cheese and supply specialty cheeses from all over Europe as well as Australia and guarantee the quality of our produce.

A contemporary, savoury alternative to a traditional cake, the cheese cake is a stunning party cake made purely of delicious cheese.

These cakes are great for weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries and almost any special occasion.

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