The Café

The magic of the café

New Farm Deli is more than just a café, it’s a tradition, a part of the Italian way of life in the heart of Brisbane. For more that 30 years the Deli has been the place to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine, source the very best in European and Australian foods and remains New Farm’s favourite restaurant, a beating heart in the centre of the suburb.

coffee-machineAt six each morning the smell of Vittoria coffee brings the early regulars to The Deli, and from then until late afternoon the pace never stops. Meals are prepared, coffee made and a glass of wine enjoyed over a meeting or social occasion. New Farm Deli is in the heart of New Farm’s thriving community and has become an institution in Brisbane. It is the very best of Italy in the centre of Brisbane. On a daily basis we serve more than 600 a la carte meals in our restaurant, all prepared in our unique rustic Italian cuisine – Just Like Nonna’s!

Whether its to share a meal, enjoy company or  to pick up delicacies from around the world visit us soon, you’ll be welcome.