Giusti Lo Scrigno – Gift set in wood box

Historic bottles of Balsamic Vinegar along with precious aged condiments, selected from oak, cherry, chestnut, mulberry and ash ancient casks


Giuseppe Giusti IL Grand Deposito Lo Scrigno Balsamic Collection: Gift set in wood box

Balsamic jewels in a precious case. Born from a request by the tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

Extraordinary balsamic vinegars aged for many years in the world renowned ancient casks of varying woods in the “IL Gran Deposito di Giuseppe Giusti,” Modena, Italy, dating back to 1605. The excellence of the balsamic vinegar production expresses itself in five 250 ml. Bottles from the original collection & a selection of five rare, limited edition balsamic vinegars aged 20 to 50 years in 40 ml. bottles… a true harmonious scale of flavors which is translated into a unique collection. This very rare collection is packaged in a handmade wooden box. The ultimate gift!

Product Details:

  • Giuseppe Giusti IL Grand Deposito Lo Scrigno Balsamic Collection: Five Balsamic Vinegars in 8.5oz. bottles (250 ml.) & five 1.5 oz. bottles (40ml.)
  • Modena, Italy.
  • Silver Medal: Smooth Firm flavor, & aromatic bouquet.
  • Gold Medal: Rich & aromatic bouquet with a perfect balance between sweet & tart.
  • Riccardo Giusti: Extraordinarily rich & thick, carrying distinctive sweet notes.
  • Fourth Centenary: Rich, full-bodied & deeply aromatic, extracted in limited quantity.
  • Banda Rossa: An irresistible Balsamic Vinegar, aged for many years in the most ancient & precious casks, rendering a delicate flavor & aroma.
  • Five Rarities / Small Hand-made bottles: 20 yr, 25 yr, 30 yr, 40yr, & 50 years.