New Farm Deli fire

New Farm Deli building has been destroyed by a major fire and the business is therefore closed until further notice.

Everyone is safe and no one was hurt during the devastating event.

Vince and Maria have vowed to rebuild their beloved Deli and Cafe and updates will be posted here and on the Facebook page.

If you need to contact them, you can use the email address: For urgent enquiries, Maria may be contacted on her mobile: 0418 877 385.

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  1. My thoughts & prayers are for your sorrow & wishing for a speedy recovery from this devastating event. Words cannot adequately express how deeply this will be felt by the whole community too. We will all be there to support you through your recovery stage. Much love from a devoted customer.

  2. To Vince, Maria, family and staff, we are so devastated to hear the news… no more than you are we’re sure.
    There is nothing we can do, but to let you know that all our thoughts, support and love are with you!
    From Brendon & Laura

  3. How devastating for you both, your staff, families and your client families. I hope that you are able to be up and running sooner rather than later.

    Until then, your smiling faces and your great coffee will be missed.

  4. I’ve lived in New Farm for over 20 years and the New Farm Deli was always my favourite food place.

    I’m sorry to hear about the fire. Stay strong and may the beautiful food and service be delighting us all soon.

    Thinking of you all during this difficult and challenging time. Best wishes for the journey ahead,

  5. We have been coming for 30 years and we’re in tears when we heard about your loss.
    I know you both will survive this tragedy and be stronger and better! P & MA

  6. I’m really sorry, my family and I wish Vince, Maria, their family and all their great staff all the very best! Every success for reopening fast!

    Is on-line still working as we’d like to support during the rebuild?

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