All ‘toast’ on our menu is Italian-style bread. Please ask if you prefer Turkish, sliced, or gluten-free bread

BENE BACON – Bacon, p/eggs, rocket, hollandaise sauce, toast

BENE SALMON – Smkd Salmon, p/eggs, rocket, h'daise sauce, toast

MATTINA – Bacon, fried eggs, mushrooms, spinach, tomato on toast

CORONA – Eggs poached in Napoli, pesto, ½ avocado, toast and ‘crowned’ with spicy pancetta crisp

EGGS ON TOAST – Poached or fried eggs on toast

REGULAR – Bacon, eggs & toast

SPICY MINCE – Bowl of lamb mince simmered in hot & spicy tomato ragu` with poached egg and toast

MERENDA –Mushrooms, fresh roma tomato & bacon on toast

GRECO – Halloumi, panfried tomatoes, wilted spinach, eggs & toast

SPAGNOLO – Chorizo, spinach, p/fried tomatoes, ½ avo, eggs, toast

DELI BEANZ – Our baked beans, chorizo, spinach, eggs, toast

FUMATI – Scrambled eggs with smkd salmon pieces, capers, toast

SALUTE – Fresh Roma tomatoes, poached eggs & pesto on toast

DELI STACK – Smoked salmon, ½ avo, poached eggs & potato rosti

FRESCO – Smoked salmon, ½ avocado, fresh tomato and toast

BRAVO – Chorizo set in two eggs (yolks broken), chilli, spinach & toast

OMELETTA DEL GIORNO – Italian style omelette with chefs choice of fillings (Vegetarian or Meat) ask us

PANCAKES – generous stack with berry compote & ice cream OR with grilled banana, maple syrup & ice cream

KAISER – Hand-cut continental bacon, braised tomatoes, mushrooms and toast. Topped with eggs & truffled pecorino

NORDICO – Zucchini pancake & smoked salmon with lemon & caper crème fraiche, ½ avocado, poached egg & toast

ITALIANO – Fresh slices of prosciutto, fior di latte cheese, sliced tomato, poached eggs, drizzle of pesto & toasted ciabatta

AVO ROLL – Ciabatta or Turkish roll – lightly toasted & spread with smashed avocado & sliced tomato (cut into 4).

AVO DELUXE – As per the AVO ROLL + bacon & poached eggs

MUESLI – Brooklyn Farm Muesli, yoghurt, stewed mixed berries, milk

BIRCHER MUESLI – Juice-soaked muesli, yoghurt & stewed berries

BIANCA – Fresh ricotta on tstd ciabatta slices -drizzled/finished with truffled honey, cinnamon sugar & mulled wine syrup, almond & fruit

All extras and/or sides attract extra charges – please ask us



FILLET STEAK SALAD - Grilled export grade 200g Diamantina beef fillet on salad of kipfler potatoes, rocket, soft cheese & with spicy chilli dressing & crisp bresaola. Please tell us how you’d like your steak cooked.

OCTOPUS SALAD - Spicy baby octopus on salad of mixed greens, olives, tomatoes & fetta. Dressed with our balsamic dressing.

GRILLED CALAMARE - Marinated, spicy, grilled calamari on salad of greens, tomatoes, olives & fetta. Drizzled with balsamic dressing.

SALT & PEPPER CALAMARE - Lightly battered calamare on salad of greens, toms, olives, fetta and spicy dressing.

POMODORI SALAD - Roma tomatoes, fresh cheese, olives, oregano, rocket & crostini bread. Generously drizzled with evoo.

CAESAR SALAD - Cos lettuce, Caesar dressing, pancetta, egg, shaved parmiggiano, onion rings, anchovy & crostini bread.

CAESAR POLLO - As per Caesar salad + grilled chicken breast strips.

CAESAR ALLEGRO - As per Caesar salad plus marinated grilled (Local) baby whiting fillets.

TONNO SALAD - Italian style canned tuna in oil on large green salad.

HOUSE SALAD - Generous plate of mixed leaves, cue, olives, tomato fetta & onion. Dressed with our balsamic dressing.

DELI SALAD - Like our house salad + artichoke, shaved parmiggiano, s/d tomato & more. Dressed with our balsamic dressing.

BRUSCHETTA - Diced roma tomatoes, red onion & parmiggiano piled on slices of toasted ciabatta. Drizzled with pesto & evoo.

SICILIAN PLATE - Salamino (hot or mild cacciatore), prosciutto, olives, provolone cheese, semi dry tomato & bread (for 2 people).

CAPRESE PLATE - Prosciutto, fior di latte (fresh mozzarella), tomatoes, bread, evoo & balsamic (for 2 people).

CHEESE PLATE - A trio of cheeses, crackers & olives.

PROSCIUTTO PLATE - Prosciutto & ciabatta (for one).

MINESTRONE SOUP - Traditional soup of mixed beans & vegetables. Served with garlic bread.

SOUP OF THE DAY - (seasonal).

BREAD & OIL - Fresh sliced ciabatta (4) with evoo & balsamico.

FRIES / CHIPS - with Aioli OLIVES – medium bowl.


Simple, natural, fresh, premium ingredients perfectly balanced with each other – that's what rustic Italian cooking is all about… We offer you REAL Italian home-style cooking with everything made on the premises . We don't add any artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers to our dishes so you may rest assured they are all natural and nutritious



All pasta & risotto dishes (except with seafood) are topped with cheese – when placing your order please tell us if you prefer no cheese

BOLOGNESE - (great with any pasta) Minced beef simmered in rich tomato sauce, herbs and spices.

CARBONARA AMERICANA - (best with fettuccine) Bacon, white wine, cream & egg.

POLLO E FUNGHI - (best with fettucine) Sliced chicken breast, mushrooms wine & cream. Topped with a splash of Napoli sauce.

ALL’AMATRICIANA - (best with spaghetti) diced bacon, chilli, wine and Napoli sauce.

POLPETTE & SPAG - The perennial favourite…Italian (beef) meatballs simmered in Napoli sauce & tossed thru spaghetti.

DI PISA SPAGHETTI - Prawns, garlic, saffron, olive oil & chilli tossed thru spaghetti – Exotically good!

BEEF LASAGNE - Oven-baked layers of egg pasta, mozzarella, parmiggiano and our rich Bolognese sauce.

VINCE’S MARINARA- (best with spaghetti) Fresh seafood, tossed thru garlic, a little chilli and olive oil.

MARINARA ROSSA - (best with spaghetti) Fresh seafood cooked in Napoli sauce, garlic, w/wine & a little chilli.

VONGOLE & SPAGHETTI - (seasonal) A classic Italian dish of spaghetti, clams, a little wine, garlic, chilli & olive oil.

GAMBEROTTI - Spaghetti, prawns, sun-dried tomato, chilli & fresh rocket. Drizzled with lemon-infused evoo.

AL FUME -`Fettuccine tossed through smoked salmon, capers, white wine, cream, dill & baby spinach.

RISOTTO RUSTICO - Prawns, tender cannellini beans, roasted pumpkin & baby spinach through Italian riso.

CRAB LASAGNE - Oven-baked layers of egg pasta with crab meat, cheese and creamy Napoli sauce.

ROAST VEGETABLE LASAGNE - Oven-baked layers of egg pasta, grilled vegetables, mozzarella, parmiggiano & Napoli sauce.

BOSCAIOLA - (best with fettuccine) Mushrooms, white wine, Napoli sauce and cream.

PUTTANESCA - (best with rigatoni) Napoli sauce, olives, capers, anchovy sauce, chilli & fresh herbs.

NAPOLI - Traditional Italian tomato & basil sauce.

PESTO - Ground basil, almonds, garlic, parmiggiano & olive oil.

DIAVOLATA - (best with spaghetti) Chilli, garlic, anchovy & olive oil.

CHILLI & GARLIC SPAGHETTI - Simple is often the best. Spaghetti tossed through chilli, garlic & olive oil.

DELI GNOCCHI - Our gnocchi in Napoli sauce & a dollop of pesto.

RAV NAP - Ricotta & spinach-filled ravioli cooked in Napoli.


GLUTEN FREE MEALS: We have a large range of gluten-free alternatives, savoury meals and sweets available from our kitchen and in our cabinets. Although all due care is taken in their preparation, we cannot 100% guarantee that they are free of trace elements as they are prepared on the same line as meals containing gluten.