New Farm Deli Cafe Menu


All ‘Toast’ On Our Menu Is Italian-Style Bread &/Or Sourdough. Ask Us If You Prefer Turkish, Rye, Sliced Or Gluten-Free

*ITALIANO – Prosciutto slices, fior di latte & tomato (cold) with poached eggs, tstd ciabatta & pesto drizzle

*REGULAR BREKKY – Bacon, eggs (poached or fried) + toast (garnished with roast tomato)

*EGGS ON TOAST – Two eggs (poached / fried) + toast (garnished with roast tomato) scrambled option +

*AVO ROLL – Ciabatta or Turkish roll (lightly toasted) with smashed avocado & sliced tomato (cut into 2)

*AVO DELUXE – As per the AVO ROLL + bacon & two poached eggs

*MUESLI –Deli toasted muesli, yoghurt, deli berry compote & milk

*BIRCHER MUESLI – Juice-soaked muesli, honey yoghurt & deli berry compote )

*BIANCA –Toasted ciabatta spread with orange preserve, fresh ricotta, flaked almonds, berry & honey

THE SICILIAN BREKKY – Morsels of Sicilian-style pork & fennel sausage sautéed with delicious ‘caponata’ of roasted capsicum, onion, spinach & potato. Topped with poached eggs & toast

MATTINA – Bacon, fried eggs, mushrooms, spinach, tomato + toast

SPICY MINCE - Lamb mince simmered in chilli & tomato. Topped w/ poached egg & deli croutons + toast

FUMATI – Smoked salmon pieces tossed through scrambled eggs, capers, herbs + toast

SALUTE – Fresh Roma tomatoes, poached eggs & pesto on toast

DELI BREKKIE – Smoked salmon, ½ avocado, poached eggs, potato cakes, rocket, roast tomato

OMELETTA DEL GIORNO – Italian style omelette with chefs choice of fillings (Vege or Meat) ask us...

PANCAKES – Stack with grilled banana OR berry compote OR maple syrup. Served with ice cream

BENE BACON – Bacon, poached eggs, rocket and hollandaise sauce on toast

BENE SALMON – Smoked Salmon, p/eggs, rocket and hollandaise sauce on toast

FUNGHETTO - Sauteed field mushrooms, topped with herbed butter & Meredith goats fetta. Served with avocado & blistered baby tomatoes. Finished with balsamic glaze & toasted sourdough OR dark rye bread.


(You may add to any breakfast listed above)

Smoked Salmon (2), Prosciutto Slices, Spicy Mince, Meatballs In Sauce(5), Bacon (2), Leg Ham(2), Chorizo, Halloumi, Potato Cakes(2), Mushrooms, Wilted Spinach, Tomatoes (Fresh Or Grilled), Caponata, ½ Avocado, Sicilian Sausage, Poached/Fried Eggs(2), Hollandaise, Marinated Chilli, Pesto, Croutons, Napoli Sauce, Onion Jam, Brekky Toast (1), Berry Compote, Grilled Banana, Ice-Cream, Greek-Style Honey Yoghurt


All extras and/or sides attract extra charges – please ask us



STEAK SALAD Warm salad of grilled export-grade (250gr) beef fillet strips, rocket, potato, and soft cheese. Finished with spicy chilli dressing and pancetta crisp. (Please tell us how you’d like your steak cooked)

OCTOPUS SALAD Char-grilled (spicy) marinated baby octopus on salad of greens, olives, tomatoes, fetta, balsamic dressing

GRILLED CALAMARE SALAD Grilled (spicy) marinated calamari strips on salad of greens, olives, tomatoes, fetta + balsamic dressing

SALT & PEPPER CALAMARE Lightly flour-dusted calamari pieces on salad of greens, tomatoes, olives, fetta & spicy dressing

HOUSE SALMON Crispy skin Atlantic salmon fillet served on our House Salad

CAESAR SALAD Cos lettuce, Caesar dressing, pancetta, egg, shaved parmiggiano, onion rings, anchovy & crostini bread.

CAESAR POLLO As per Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast strips on top

TONNO SALAD Italian-style canned tuna on salad of greens, tomatoes, olives, fetta

POMODORI SALAD Roma tomatoes, fresh cheese, olives, oregano, rocket & crostini bread. Generously drizzled with evoo

HOUSE SALAD Generous plate of mixed leaves, cue, olives, tomato, fetta & onion. Dressed with our balsamic dressing

DELI SALAD Like our house salad + artichoke, shaved parmiggiano, s/d tomato & more. Dressed with balsamic dressing

BRUSCHETTA Diced Roma tomatoes, red onion & parmiggiano on 3 slices of toasted ciabatta. Drizzled with pesto & evoo

MINESTRONE SOUP Traditional soup of mixed beans & vegetables. Served with garlic bread

BREAD & OIL Fresh sliced ciabatta (4 slices) or ciabatta roll with evoo & balsamic (for 2)

CHIPS with Aioli

OLIVES a generous bowl to share

CAPRESE PLATE Prosciutto, fior di latte (fresh mozzarella), roma tomatoes, bread, local extra virgin olive oil & balsamic (for 2)

RAVELLO PLATE Fior di latte, Roma tomato, Ligurian chilli olives, bread. a generous drizzle of local evoo & basil pesto (for 2)

AMALFI PLATTER Buffalo-milk mozzarella(2), grilled artichokes, s/d tomatoes, mixed olives, pepperdews, bread (for 2)

SICILIAN PLATE Salamino (hot or mild cacciatore), prosciutto, olives, provolone cheese, s/dry tomatoes, tom, onion, oil, bread (for 2)

CHEESE PLATE A trio of cheese (soft, hard, blue), crackers & olives (for2+)


S & P or Grilled Calamari, Octopus, Grilled Prawns, Grilled Salmon, Octopus / Fillet Steak (250gr), Grilled Chicken Breast Smoked Salmon / Tuna (Canned) Grilled…Ask Us!


Simple, natural, fresh premium ingredients perfectly balanced with each other and generous in portion ...that's what Italian food is all about!

All our meals are prepared and cooked on the premises using quality products without artificial additives. Just as in our home, our cuisine is real and prepared as if we were feeding our family.



All pasta dishes (except seafood varieties) are topped with grated cheese – when placing your order please tell us if you prefer no cheese

BOLOGNESE - (great with any pasta- we love spaghetti) A long-simmered sauce of tomato, minced beef, red wine, herbs and spices

CARBONARA AMERICANA - (best with fettuccine) Diced bacon, white wine, garlic, cream & egg

POLLO E FUNGHI - (best with fettucine) Sliced chicken breast, mushrooms wine & cream. Topped with a splash of Napoli sauce

ALL’AMATRICIANA - (best with spaghetti) Diced bacon, Napoli sauce, chilli & red wine

POLPETTE & SPAG - The perennial favourite …Italian (beef) meatballs simmered in Napoli sauce & tossed thru spaghetti

PUTTANESCA - (best with rigatoni) Napoli sauce, olives, capers, a hint of anchovy, chilli & fresh herbs

VINCE’S MARINARA - (best with spaghetti) Fresh seafood, tossed through olive oil, garlic and a little chilli

MARINARA ROSSA - (best with spaghetti) Fresh seafood cooked in Napoli sauce, w/wine, garlic & a little chilli

SPAGHETTI E VONGOLE - A classic Italian dish of spaghetti, clams, a little wine, garlic, chilli & olive oil (seasonal)

GAMBEROTTI - Spaghetti, prawns, sun-dried tomato, chilli & fresh rocket. Drizzled with lemon-infused evoo

RAVIOLI ZUCCA – Ricotta & spinach ravioli, prawns, baby spinach in creamy pumpkin sauce. With shaved parmiggiano & basil oil

BEEF LASAGNE - Oven-baked layers of egg pasta sheets, mozzarella, parmiggiano and our Bolognese sauce

CRAB LASAGNE - Layers of egg pasta & grilled zucchini baked in a creamy tomato & cheese & crab sauce

VEGETABLE LASAGNE - Oven-baked layers of egg pasta, grilled vegetables, mozzarella, parmiggiano & Napoli sauce

TRUFFLED RAVS - Ricotta ravioli cooked in creamy truffle & mushroom sauce. Finished with shaved parmiggiano & truffled pecorino

BOSCAIOLA - (best with fettuccine) Mushrooms, white wine, Napoli sauce and cream

PESTO – Green pesto sauce made with basil, almonds, garlic, parmiggiano & olive oil


Gnocci, Ricotta Ravioli, Risotto or gluten-free pasta.......


Please speak to our staff about your food allergy/intolerance. Should you proceed with your selection, all due care will be taken in the preparation of the said meal, but we cannot 100% guarantee that it will be free of any trace elements as it will be prepared on the same line as meals containing allergens.


While kitchen-cooked meals are available from 11:00am until 4:00pm daily, all items displayed in the front counter cabinet are available and served until we close.