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What’s hot at New Farm Deli


On the Christmas Menu? Sure to Please is our

DELI HAMS- baked & glazed OR JUST PLAIN.

Australian and of premium quality, our hams are delicious and juicy.

De-boned with a small ‘shank’ at the end with a weight range of 7 – 9 kg.
Smaller hams come available but you’ll need to get your order in REAL quick!

This year, we will glaze our hams with orange, quince & maple……Alternatively, we can supply you with a ham for you to take home and serve ‘as is’ or glaze and bake it yourself…the choice is entirely yours!

You’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family.
Get your orders in now.

Click here to download the New Farm Deli 2016 Christmas Catering Menu


Vince says that this cheese is probably the best he’s ever tasted – BLU ’61

We have the last two wheels of BLU ’61 at the Deli now and our last stock sold out in just a few days so don’t miss out on this unique Italian cheese.

BLU ’61 : Blue cheese produced with cow’s milk, ripened with fine Raboso passito wine and red cranberries. The cheese has a minimum maturing time of three months, the paste is soft tending to become creamy when the cheese is more aged, the rind is thin and covered with red cranberries.


Why ’61? For 1961 when Antonio Carpenedo and Giuseppina decided to get married. Their union is indissoluble, made of emotions and feelings, and both share the same passion for the world of cheese. They get their ideas and inspiration from outings among mountain pastures and small traditional dairies to create great ripened cheeses. But this time Antonio goes beyond by dedicating a cheese to their passionate union, “Blu’ 61”, a cheese that says it all.

Recently reviewed by Harrods of London, BLU ’61 is a favourite:

“This soft, cows’ milk blue from La Casearia Carpenedo, based near Treviso in Italy, was a revelation to me when I first tried it. It’s aged for 60 days before being matured in red wine, and is packed with rich flavours and character”.
Scott Winston – Harrods, London

Don’t miss out stock is limited, come into the Deli today.

January special at the Deli – Manchego Cheese only $33/kg

Try our Queso Manchego cheese this month at New Farm Deli. It’s the Perfect Partner to Serrano Ham which we also stock and a great summer treat. This sheep’s milk cheese from Spain is perfect for cheese lovers.


Check out the Deli’s great range of aged balsamic vinegars


Make cooking at home easier… pick up some ready to eat goodies

Now that the original owners Vince and  Maria are back, you’ll have to come in enjoy their old-fashioned hospitality…You’ll feel like you’re home again.  While you’re here, you may want to take home some of the Deli’s many authentic sauces including Napolitana, Bolognese, Meatballs in Napoli or Spicy Sicilian sausage sauce and of course, Maria’s Pesto.  All are conveniently packaged, frozen and ready to take home for you to use at your convenience.

Need some tasty morsels to enjoy on your own or to share with friends? Then you need to try some of our amazing Risotto Balls. Filled with rice, bocconcini, fresh basil, chilli & more – these little vegetarian balls melt in your mouth. Or perhaps our amazing Italian, hand made, cooked on the stone pizza bases…just sprinkle with torn buffalo mozzarella and thin shavings of the Deli’s Parma Ham. Five to ten minutes and you will be instantly transported to Italy…Buon Appetito!

An evening of traditional Italian country cuisine

Join Vince and Maria one night a  month for a very unique experience.  Come and devour the seasonal tastes of Rural Italian Cuisine as only Italians can prepare.  You’ll enjoy a specially selected and lovingly prepared meal prepared by Maria herself (and sometimes with Vince’s input!) which will tantalise your senses. Maria will  prepare her plates with ingredients characteristic of traditional Italian country cooking – just the way she was taught. The wines will be especialy selected by Vince to complement the evening’s menu.

The cost for this 5 course feast is $110.00 per person (inclusive of wine)

Bookings are essential as places are STRICTLY LIMITED


La Pasta dei Martelli

New Farm Deli is your local supplier of the unique Martelli Pasta. The family run business has been producing Italy’s finest pasta for the last 85 years. Based in Lari, near Pisa Mario, Laura, Luca, Lucia, Valeria, Lorenzo and Dino Martelli are passionate about keeping up the Italian craft of traditional pasta making.

Choose from the range of spaghetti, penne, spaghettini or maccheroni and you’ll experience the very best of Italian pasta.


Stanbroke Diamantina Beefdiamond-logo

New Farm Deli now stocks Stanbroke’s Diamantina beef. Quite possible the best available in Australia, Diamantina Wagyu and their Platinum and Gold ranges represent a long tradition of family beef production. Naturally raised, these meats are sought out by the best restaurants in the world for their flavour, marbling and tenderness.