Vince and Maria Anello, Guest Judges at Stanthorpe Show, Feb 2-4

This year, there are special guest judges for the homemade Italian Foods section – Vince and Maria Anello. In particular, they will be judging salamis and olives. Their wealth of experience and good reputation from running Brisbane’s iconic Italian deli will have the local Italian food makers in awe.

The Anello’s highly regard traditional Italian food-making processes. As Vince Anello says, ‘We will be looking for authenticity and integrity to the traditional methods which will yield great flavour and taste.’

The salamis are processed in the coldest part of winter and left to cure for months. It’s a long, patient wait to reveal if their attention to traditional methods has paid off.

The judging will be completed Wednesday evening January 31, with the winners being announced on Friday afternoon February 2 at Awards Presentation commencing at 3.00pm.

The Stanthorpe Show makes it an ideal country weekend escape for Brisbanites.