About New Farm Deli

A short history of the New Farm Delivince-maria-cheese

The New Farm Deli is Brisbane’s oldest and most authentic Italian deli, with a long 35 year history that commenced in 1977 in Merthyr Road, New Farm. In the early years we were purely a delicatessen serving an abundance of continental gourmet delights overflowing from our deli shelves.

New Farm DeliSeveral years later it was a natural progression to extend our delicatessen into a cafe serving good quality food and providing great service. This extension gave the locals an opportunity to further sample our deli products within Italian meals resulting in what has now become a widely enjoyed cuisine.

We were the first Deli-Cafe in Queensland bestowed with the award for “Australian Cafe of the Year” in 1996 amongst 2000 cafe entries. This was our first award and since 1996 many more have been presented appraising our service and commitment to good quality food.

What the Deli is now

 The Deli is a living thing

After many years, style changes, fostering it to other owners and then claiming it back, The Deli remains The Deli… it’s individual, it possess a certain iconic status, its got its own style, pizzaz, and character, its got soul…it’s a living thing!

deli-2014-1Our family nurtured it from its inception, loved it, sold it and realised that The Deli was part of our lives – and we were ‘the deli’ so there was only one thing to do….


We select and choose to sell real, traditional and quality food staples. Like fashion, food trendscome and go, however, classic ingredients and products sit firm. Owner Vince Anello says, “We are not trendy but we are a tradition”

We carefully select our products – where possible we try not to sell what our competitors (especially the supermarkets) sell. We offer a great selection of delectable Cheese and Prosciutto and smallgoods from around the world. We are always on hand to offer specialist advice on how to eat, store and utilize our products.

Our philosophy is to forever remember the humble beginning of New Farm Deli and to instill our fresh, fair-priced, friendly, family values upon our staff.